L.A.M.B On The Lam?

b00068iow201.jpegGwen Stefani’s four asian slaves/fashion accessories/back up dancers are missing! Reportedly the quartet (two of which can be seen above, looking all distorted) are very upset that they didn’t get a look in during Miss Stefani’s one time on the big screen, during The Aviator in 2004, which they themselves have only just gotten to see on bootleg dvd. The four women, who apparently answer to the names Love, Angel, Music and Baby, have run off. If you don’t know what they look like, then just look at the music videos for following of Stefani’s singles: What You Waiting For?, Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, Wind It Up, The Sweet Escape, and Now That You Got It.

Gwen herself is said to be very sad about the whole thing, having released this video recently: in which neither Love, nor Angel, nor Music, nor, indeed, Baby appear. Its also quite obvious that the song is very sad, with lots of Gwen running towards and away from the camera, and throwing lots of stuff around, which gives an insight into just how upset she is.

Reports have it that there is a reward for finding any of the females alive and well, with the differing amounts for each of them, but providing not all of them are found (alive), it will then depend on how difficult it is to create an acronym with their first initial.


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