Oscar Limericks

With news coming through today that the WGA (the writers) and the AMPTP (the producers) have gotten pretty close to a deal that should resolve the long-running writers’ strike, we can now dare to hope that the Academy Awards ceremony will now go ahead. Such is our joy over the news, that a fresh analysis of the Best Picture nominations is required. In limerick form, naturally!

That it’s a beautiful film can’t be denied
But I am not quite on its side
The would-be epic film Atonement
Hopes there’s no Oscar postponement
From it’s over-rated-ness it cannot hide.

There’s always the film we like to anticipate
The little indie punching above its weight
But it really wants to let you know
How cool and hip it is, this Juno
To be fair, it’s good but not quite great.

There is one nominee I can’t understand,
It’s not a brilliant film, merely just grand
I’m not so far that I’m hatin’
I just don’t love Michael Clayton
Good acting but overall a bit bland.

The Coens have managed to surpass
Their previous best to be top of the class
If the win doesn’t go to No Country for Old Men
Let me tell you what will happen then
I’ll be as mad as Bardem’s bad-ass.

Then there’s the one I haven’t yet seen
Can’t wait to see it on the big screen
Have heard There Will Be Blood
Is really very, very good
With Day-Lewis so great it’s obscene.


 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s version of the Best Sound Editing nominees, in dactylic hexameter!


One response to “Oscar Limericks

  1. there was a young lady called Louise,
    who gave out the a great big sneeze,
    since it sounded flu-ey,
    she watched the brill ratatouille,
    to distract her from her horrible fleas!

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