3D? a good thing? or one of the signs of the apocalypse?

in the past few months, we’ve had Beowulf.

in the next few months, we’ll have U2-3D, as well as (saints be praised) Hannah Montah 3-D; Live in Concert. The latter of these two has inexplicably been topping the box office charts in the States, last time we checked.

and now? we have…. well…. this:

its one thing to go to see a movie in 3-D, because someone in the cinema will more than likely be standing at the door on your way into the screen, handing out the 3-D glasses a.k.a the only reason why you decided to come to this movie at all. but to expect people to have stacks of 3-D glasses lying around their own home? thats something else entirely. its unsettling. and the video’s are shit anyway. (i actually do have 3-D glasses lying around my home, and have seen it in proper 3-D, and it prefer it without the glasses on. not entirely sure why, mind.)

missy, you’re a genius. and should know better. the songs are class, though. and can be found on the soundtrack to The Greatest Movie Of The Year, i.e. Step Up 2: The Streets.


One response to “3D? a good thing? or one of the signs of the apocalypse?

  1. the end of the world as we no it . hannah montana 3d what the fuck like

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