does whatever an iron can?


so. where to begin? we’d say most of you have seen the original trailer, so lets just start here, shall we:

looks pretty good, duznit? but, yes, again, qualms.

jon favreau; of all the people to put in charge of marvel’s first self-produced movie (and in case you didn’t know, thats a BIG DEAL), you get the guy who’s track record to date is Made (crap), Elf (great, but hardly comparitive to this) and Zathura. plus he’s gotten, like, really fat lately. and it can’t be good for the crew to be in constant fear of your director dropping dead from a blocked artery.

the writers; matt holloway (this is his first screenplay!) and art marcum (the writer of Shadow Of Fear. no, me neither). so that doesn’t bode well.

gwyenth paltrow; the most boring actress…. nay, PERSON!, ever to win an oscar. lets hope she doesn’t go the way of kirsten dunst, and maybe they kill her off quite early in the first movie, thus pushing tony stark into a fit of iron-y rage!

the look; during the first trailer, it looked like there was gonna be alot of practical (i.e. non-cgi) stuff in the movie. but this latest teaser looks like its going the other way. while the last few seconds, with iron man playing missile chicken with a tank, is admittedly cool, it looks like a cut scene from the video game which is surely to be released around the same time.

ghostface killah; listen up rappers, unless you are Ludacris (and even then, you better be getting direction from paul haggis), get the hell outta movies!

but, look here, positives!

robert downey jnr; is cool. we love him. ever since his too long coming comeback in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, he’s been the best thing in several great things. and here he’s using his been-there-done-that-drug cool to really bring his Bruce Wayne-meets-Nicholas Cage in Lord Of War character to life.

terence howard; the best “everyone knows who i am and knows how great i am but i am still totally underestimated” actor around. the fact that he was in Glitter and still has a career should be evidence enough of his prowess.

jeff bridges; ever since Arlington Road (if you haven’t seen this, stop reading and go rent it…… still here? you really don’t listen, do you?), he’s been on a roll of one fantastic role after another. and he’s playing Iron Monger, who is a very interesting villian in the Iron Man saga.

hope; yes, we have hope. because, unlike spiderman, batman, superman, the x-men, the incredible hulk and most of the other big hitting superhero movies of late, there hasn’t been a film version of this before, or an incredibly popular live action/animation t.v. show either (don’t start nerd-blogging me about the t.v. shows, we know there were t.v. shows, but they weren’t incredibly popular, so don’t even start!). which means almost zero-preconceptions about how this character and film should be. starting from scratch is always a good thing in these cases, as Batman Begins proved. but then again…. The Punisher? which the writers of this are currently writing the sequel to….. so, no, yes, we have hope….. just about.


2 responses to “does whatever an iron can?

  1. Iron-y rage?? Comedy gold. Or should that be iron. Ironman, ironman, does wotever an iron can………………………….

  2. That trailer rocks. Also, there is just more of Jon Favreau to love.

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