hawt nu choonz

ignore the plug for both PLAYSTATION 3 and the PLAYSTATION 3 game RATCHET AND CRANK (you’d swear we were being sponsored over here!), and just enjoy the song, instead:

“loose wires” by kenna

we especially like the first 20 seconds or so, when it feels like its the soundtrack to the sacrificing of a hot female virgin. but then it gets all poppy. but thats not necessarily a bad thing. especially in this case.

next up we have “surveillance” by wynter gordon….

as a very funny person we know pointed out, this ladies name does sound a bit like someone very posh trying to say “winter garden.” but aside from that, this song is the mathematical equivalent of what would happen if you add “the way i are” to “maneater” and multiplied your answer by “umbrella.” good things.

and finally, a song from The Greatest Film Of The Year.

“church” by t-pain.

besides the fact that its the best song to perform the moves that we’ll all be seeing plenty of come the release of Step Up 2, the real reason we love this song is because of what the guys say come the 2;30 mark (“hewhawhehethheehhah”) and especially for what the chick says come the 3;10 mark (“you stoopid.”) fantastic stuff.

and super duper Alice Cooper finally, following on from The Greatest Song Of 2008(?), is the next single from the newly reinvented popstar.

“boys” by ashlee simpson.

this song is produced by The Neptunes. The Neptunes are super-producers, much like Timbaland, who super-produced her last single (also featured on this site). The Neptunes super-produced a song called “Boys” for super-crazy Britney Spears. This version of “Boys” has Ashlee singing the words “gimme gimme” in the chorus, alot like “Gimme More” by Britney Spears. small world, eh?


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