jennifer lopez is pregnant


and there’s your proof. its not yet clear which planet J-Lo is giving birth to, but if the baby is anything like mommy, lets hope for her health and safety, and the health and safety of everyone else in the delivery room, that the baby isn’t born ass-first.

one thing we could never understand is celebrities not letting it be known that they are expecting. no matter how long you hide, you’re going to have to admit it at some point. unless you plan on hiding out for 9 months, but then you’re going to have to admit that you have a baby, and you’ll have missed out on all the brownie points of being pregnant, and the world will hate you. is that what you want? hmmm?


according to EVERY MAGAZINE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE, the fact that Jolie wore this ‘loose fitting top’ is proof enough that she is up the duff. how depressing is that? she can’t wear something that isn’t body-hugging leather without being assumed that she’s about to add to her united colours of benetton family. maybe she’s just getting fat? which is something that Brad doesn’t seem very happy about. or maybe its because he’s just realised that he’s dressed for the Hogwarts Graduation ceremony, and his spiffy new suit has shrunk in the wash. its not clear. but as of right now, its the blind leading the fat. not good.


2 responses to “jennifer lopez is pregnant

  1. i love it
    so you’re the star for gossiping
    love it
    so do you advise people to get pregnant and show it ??

  2. Doesn’t Brad Pitt look like a young Robert Redford in that photo?!?!

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