trailer trash

first up…… The Ruins.

based on the “terrifying best-seller by Scott Smith” (have you heard of him? or this book? or even this film before now? no, me neither), it stars supporting actors from films as varied as Pride And Prejudice, X-Men: The Last Stand and She’s The Man. and all this from the director of Bugcrush. no? well, no matter, just sit back and watch the movie for the realistic situation, where you and your mates are lounging around the pool, and one of you say “so…. whatdoya think? ancient mayan temple….. off the beaten path…..” i find myself saying this, like, daily.

next up, Married Life.

“you know i find you as attractive as that very first night we danced together.” this woman is speaking to chris cooper. this movie has lost me already. how am i supposed to follow a story like this when i can’t believe a single word anyone is saying?

and, finally, Flawless.

no, not the cross-dressing one. a new one! imagine ocean’s 11, but without brad pitt, george clooney, julia roberts….. and replace them all with Demi Moore and Michael Caine. why hasn’t anyone thought of doing this years ago is beyond my comprehension. oh, and give Demi an accent so obscure it may not actually be from this planet. yes. this is how oscars are purloined.


One response to “trailer trash

  1. Boo-Urns! All those links were dead.

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