mariah knows science. fact.


mariah carey has renamed her latest album. up to this point, mariah (may we call you mariah?) has been referring to her new album as That Chick. but as of today, it was been successfully renamed as E=MC², named after a famous Albert Einstein formula. but whats double-y fun about this is that MC not only stands for Mass and Celeritas (the speed of light in a vacuum), but also for Mariah and Carey! how great is that?? its not entirely clear what the E (originally Energy) is going to stand for in Mariah’s album title. any suggestions? judging from the unbeknownst to the world intelligence that Mariah clearly has and is displaying with this new title, it could be, literally, anything.

but will mostly likely be “Elf” or “Elephants are nice” or something.

also, for the four people out there who might be interested, Mariah’s new single “Touch My Body” was released today. it hasn’t yet reached YouTube, but check out the link below if you want to listen to it. its produced by the same guys who did “Umbrella” for Rihanna, and if you though there was no way for them to recreate that kind of magical pop again…… you were absolutely correct.


2 responses to “mariah knows science. fact.

  1. Very funny post. I also like the K.H. post too. She looks a little dizzy. Funny. 😉

  2. Maybe the E stands for Ego? Or Extremely large shoe collection? Either way, there is a distinct smell of crap coming from her album.

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