cover art for ‘kingdom of the crystal skull’ comic


yes, Indy’s bottom lip looks like he’s been eating strawberrys all day.

yes, the way the flag is flowing, it looks like a russian propoganda movie.

yes, Cate’s hair looks like a mix of Zeta-Jones in Chicago and a Lego Lady.

yes, Ray Winstone looks like Jason Alexander with a porn moustache on.

yes, with the flames behind her, Karen Allen looks like Phoenix from X-Men.

yes, the Crystal Skull doesn’t look very intimidating, more like a statuette given out to Best Exorcist at the annual Academy of the Paranomal Awards.

and yes, in the bottom right hand corner, Indy seems to be standing on a pool of water, filled with floaty-light skeletons.

but look how cool…… with the whip. and the bike. but not shia labeouf. he can f**k right off. go back to crappy hitchcock remakes. we hate you.


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