review for ‘rambo’


or ‘John Rambo‘, depending where you’re reading this from. actually, this film, at one point or another, was known as a record breaking number of different titles, including the following: Rambo IV, Rambo 4, Rambo 4: John Rambo, Rambo IV: In The Serpent’s Eye, Rambo IV: The End Of Peace, Rambo IV: The Holy War, Rambo IV: Pearl Of The Cobra (what does that even mean?) or Rambo 4: To Hell And Back. before they finally settled on two titles, John Rambo (in America) and Rambo (everywhere else).

upon leaving the cinema after watching this movie, Correct Opinion was faced with something horrible. people with opinions different from our own. in fact, Correct Opinion opinion’s was in the minority! so, in light of this, the usual format of reviewing movies is being bypassed, and you can make a sort of checklist out of the following to see whether this movie is for you:

Rambo has:

– a total kill count of 236. fact!

– stallone back in a role he was born to play.

– a lot violence.

– a boner for 80’s action flicks.

– so, so, so much violence.

– one of the best ‘boo hiss’ villians in recent memory.

– seriously, this film is so violent. ridiculously so.

Rambo does not have:

– subtlety.

– time for religious beliefs.

– time for political beliefs.

– time for character development.

– the pacing and general cinematic style that Rocky Balboa had.

– three minutes of running time without someone exploding, dead. (it averages out at 2.59 deaths per minute. fact!)

– one even remotely likeable character besides Rambo.

in America, this film’s tagline is “Heroes never die….. They just reload.” if you think this is the greatest thing ever said in the world, then this is just the film for you. or if you loved Uma vs The Crazy 88 in Kill Bill Vol:1 a little bit too much. or if you are, like, really really drunk. go to this film right now.

if, however, you like films with good acting and well written scripts and something close to a story arc that doesn’t involve tearing out a man’s trachea, or if you are completely sober, then this is most likely not for you.

eight out of ten.


four out of ten.


2 responses to “review for ‘rambo’

  1. I’m sort of torn because I believe both marks are likely to be right. On one hand I’ll love the mindless violence, see this creation of David Neary’s to understand why (seriously check it out)

    Yet at the same time I keep thinking how they could have gone all Rocky Balboa on it and gone back to the roots by making it more like First Blood, where he has to rely on his skills and is more than just a crazed killing machine.

  2. i watched the movie at

    incredable movie i have 2 say! nonestop action

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