super secret quantam of solace villian revealed!

if you don’t want to know who is, appearantly, going to be SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BIG BAD GUY VILLIAN in the new bond movie, then do not read any further. or on this page for the next few days, when this post should finally be off the homepage…… still here? okay. but don’t say i didn’t warn you…..


yes. al pacino himself. and so begin the jokes…..

“quantam of HOO-HAH!”

“say hallo to leetel cameo!”

“no, mr. bond. you’re out of order. m is out of order…..”

and my personal favourite:

“oh. he’s playing a terrorist? does that make him Al Qaeda?”

opinions? they’ve never stunt casting a villian like this before. so is this a good or a bad thing?


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