won’t somebody think of the poor writers?

yes, the Writer’s Strike in Hollywood is finally over. it was a big thing that everyone had a vague idea what was happening, but nobody had the vaguest idea why. in a nutshell, writers were feeling underappreciated (i.e. underpaid), and wanted to be more appreciated (i.e. wanted more money).

and so they should. just look at this:


isn’t that just absolutely shocking? what is this? the P.T.A. of Sweet Valley High announcing that the gym renovations are being pushed yet again? i’ve seen people sell second hand VCR players in flea markets on nicer tables than this. please, for the love of god, somebody give these poor writers some money!

note: on a slightly different subject, did you know that writers like David Koepp (paid $4 million for writing Panic Room), Scott Rosenberg (paid $1.25 million for writing Con Air and $1.5 million for writing Gone In 60 Seconds) and M. Night Shyamalan (paid $6 million for writing The Village. not to mention another $6.5 million to direct it) all also backed the strike due to underpayment. good for them.

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