margot at the christian album cover

the following is a transcript from the episode when Cartman decided to be in a Christian rock band to make money, and they were shooting the photo’s for the album cover:

Cartman: We have to take pictures for our album cover. [sets up his camera on a tripod] The key to a hot-selling Christian album is a flashy inspirational album cover.
All right, guys, stand over there and look wholesome and cool. I have a timer on this thing so I can get in the shot too. [begins to focus the shot. Butters and Token stand together]
No no no! Haven’t you guys ever seen an album cover? You’re supposed to be standing in random places, looking away like you don’t care! [Butters and Cartman move apart. Token moves off to a boulder a little farther away, Butters moves a bit clsoer to the camera]
No! Butters, you can’t look happy on the album cover! That’s not cool!
Token, look away to the right. [Token looks off to the right] More. [Token turns his head to the right] More!
 So it looks like you’re too cool to care that you’re on an album cover, you black asshole! Now just hold it!

it seems that someone took this advice a little to far. and out of context of what they were doing.


except for Jennifer Jason Leigh, but then she seems like a bit of a dozy bitch, anyway.


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