So young! So in love! So regretting that hair!


Correct Opinion happened upon a marvellous little piece online today and we consider it our duty to bring it to you. Our friends in US Magazine have compiled a slideshow of various celebrity couplings over the years. Why is this noteworthy? Well there are those we forgot existed (Matt Damon and Winona Ryder?!), those we never knew about (Patrick Dempsey and his manager, 27 years his senior?!) and those we never knew about and are a little bit grossed out by (Heather Graham and James Wood?!).

Check it out for yourself:

More than anything, however, is the pure, unadulterated joy of seeing how the beautiful people dressed in the 80’s and 90’s! Par example, before Sarah Jessica Park and Matthew Broderick became this glamourous coupling…


…they were both one half of these:

SJP & RDJr 2 Helen and Matthew


In case you’re wondering (and we found it hard to believe ourselves), their other halves are, respectively, Robert Downey Jr. and Helen Hunt! Too much bleached denim, bad hair, high waistbands and mother’s shawls – these relationships were never gonna last.

And nothing says “eighties” quite like Heather Locklear’s big hair and this future scientologist’s elbow patches.

Heather and Tom


Love it!


2 responses to “So young! So in love! So regretting that hair!

  1. This is a good post!

    First Brad Pitt and Robin Givens?!!!!! He looks just weird in that picture. What a crazy match up!

    I never knew Patrick Dempsey married his mother…

    James Woods is just a dirty old man.

  2. Glad you liked the post!

    Some of these photos were just freaky – Patrick Dempsey looks about 14 in that photo!

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