stardate: unknown. kind of.


originally slated for a worldwide release on December 26th 2008, appearantly J.J. Abram’s rebooting of Star Trek has been pushed back to May 8th 2009!

this was announced in the wake of the writer’s strike coming to an end, and developers Paramount taking stock of their….. uhm….. stock. while Paramount have stated that after seeing some early footage, they believe that the film now has greater potential as a summer tentpole movie, this only fuelled the rumours that the shoot is not exactly going well. especially considering that up to now, including trailers and posters (all of which had the original release date on them), Paramount have spent over $10 million on pre-publicity. another reason Paramount gave for moving the date is due to an already over-packed Christmas season, and this new summer date will prove less competitive. but we here at CORRECT OPINION aren’t sure how true that is, especially when you consider X-Men Origins: Wolverine (May 1st) and The DaVinci Code sequel Angels & Demons (May 15th) will be direct competition.

so there you have it. you heard it hear first. unless you heard somewhere else already.


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