The whiskey film festival is here!



The 6th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival kicks off today, with the Irish premiere of In Bruges, the feature debut from Oscar-winner and playwright Martin McDonagh, starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes.

In Bruges (reviewed already by Correct Opinion) is one of many high profile screenings. Other films that you have no hope of getting a ticket for now are the multi-Oscar nominated There Will Be Blood (which will have “Wicklow resident” Daniel Day-Lewis and director Paul Thomas Anderson in attendance), Woody Allen’s latest Cassandra’s Dream (also starring Colin Farrell), the European premiere of U2 3D, Love in the Time of Cholera (the Mike Newell-directed adaptation of Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, starring man of the moment, Javier Bardem) and, of course, the always hotly anticipated Surprise Film.

On the Irish front, Stuart Townsend will be here for his debut directorial effort, Battle in Seattle. His better looking other half, also starring in the film, Charlize Theron will be here too. Sold out Irish efforts are both screenings of Fairytale of Kathmandu (the Cathal O’Searchaí documentary which has been stirring up a lot of controversy in the press lately) and Waveriders, Dave Conroy study of the history of surfing and the attraction of the waves off the north-west coast of Ireland for top surfers.

So what’s worth a look that isn’t actually sold out yet? We like the look of Margot at the Wedding, Lars and the Real Girl, The Orphanage, My Kid Could Paint That, The Lookout, Battle for Haditha and The Band’s Visit.

Some of the quirkier events include free screenings of Quackser Fortune has a Cousin in the Bronx in the Gravediggers pub, Glasnevin, and The First Great Train Robbery in the main foyer of Heuston Station.

Correct Opinion plans to be in attendance for There Will Be Blood, so check back for our review. Is Day Lewis as eccentric as he seems? We’ll let you know! And you’ll be the first to know what the Surprise Film is too. Current prediction? Grace is Gone or Vantage Point. Wishful thinking? Wall-E or Indiana Jones!


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