jameson dublin international film festival surprise film


Vantage Point.

It’s a possibility. (Did you all think we just ruined the surprise for you? You totally did. Awh heck yeah, that was funny.) But its just one of many possibilities that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment. Judging from previous entries, including but exclusive to The Jacket, Starsky & Hutch, 300, The Mexican, Heartbreakers, The Squid & The Whale, its fair to assume that there are no set rules to what its going to be. Except that its going to be either a high end not-quite-blockbuster that’ll make loads of money when it comes out eventually, or an high end not-quite-indie that’ll get loads of critical attention when it comes out eventually. But all the films to date can be classified as “fun” (whether or not you actually enjoyed them is something else entirely) or at the very least, not very serious, which leads us to believe that the other big guess thats doing the rounds probably won’t materialize:


Grace Is Gone. Has been on every festival in the last year, and was greeted with a collective Irish gasp (“Lig Cnead!”) when it wasn’t on the JDIFF listings. And it still doesn’t have a solid Irish release date. But considering the material its dealing with, its probably too heavy to be in with a chance. And third place in the guessing game goes to:


10,000 B.C. Kinda suits all the criteria. Big-ish Blockbuster? Check. Arty-leanings? Check. (well, it is basically Apocalypto in English, and compared to The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, its practically Todd Solondz-esque). Out not too long after the festival ends? Check. “Fun”? Check Check Double Check. But a bit too much like last years surprise, 300? Sadly, check.

So it is pretty much wide open at this point. Although we here at CORRECT OPINION have used our super secret sleuthing skills, and pretty much got as close to a solid answer as is possible to get from some soon-to-be-released torture victims Festival insiders. And you know what? We like it. But we don’t want to spoil. So if you’d like a clue, leave a comment…..


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