janet jackson’s new album is good/bad.


despite some early good word, Janet (seen above in some kind of erotic coma) and her new album Discipline are still all over the place. having dropped out from the label that produced her last three (flop) albums, she moved on to the same label that Mariah Carey can now be found out, as well as hiring the lead producer from Mariah’s last album, which was a massive success. that producer is Jermaine Dupri, aka Janet Jackson’s boyfriend of the last three years.


i can’t spend too much time looking at that picture, because it’s only going to upset me all over again. anyway, on top of Dupri, the new album also features the likes of Ne-Yo (“Irreplaceable” for Beyonce), Tricky Stewart (“Umbrella” for Rihanna), Rodney Jerkins (“Crazy In Love” for Beyonce) and Stargate (“Don’t Stop The Music” for Rihanna) as well as a guest appearance from Missy Elliott, some of the reviews have been less than favorable (“She coos on the title track, an S&M fantasy that borders on a repressed incest memory” says Entertainment Weekly, obviously completely forgetting which family they were referencing to) whereas others were more charitable (“Just lie back and enjoy the sensations as pure aural autoeroticism” says Rolling Stone).

the problem seems to lie in the fact that Janet is trying to compete with the obvious sexiness of the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna, by over-doing it on the sex-levels of her own songs. like in the lead single Feedback, she announces that she is “heavy like a first day period”, you’ll either find that strangely arousing, or a bloody mess.

best song: So Much Betta

very sexy, only vaguely ruined by the fact that it sounds like the chorus is being sung to us by a 6 year old girl.


One response to “janet jackson’s new album is good/bad.

  1. Thank you for the hate. Too bad your information is wrong and Janet doesn’t have to try to be anybody who copying the fuck out of her.

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