the worst film of all time. fact.


appearantly not content with appearing in the Worst 100 Movies Of All Time list a record breaking number of times; Pledge This (currently 21st on the Worst 100), Bottoms Up (currently 24th) and The Hillz (currently 11th), Paris Hilton’s new movie The Hottie And The Nottie has beat off the likes of Daddy Day Camp and Glitter to be voted the Number One Worst Movie Of All Time, as well as getting an average of only 31 people per day going to see it.

personally, we can’t see how it could be that bad. Paris is playing a nice and friendly VIRGIN, who discovers that her friend has a crush on her, who is played by Joel Moore, as handsome a leading man as you’re ever likely to come across in this lifetime:


what’s not to like?

what’s that?


oh right. well, yeah, there’s that.


One response to “the worst film of all time. fact.

  1. I heard an interview on the radio this morning talking to the guy who runs The Razzie Awards and they are anticipating that this movie will have several nominations. Here’s a link to the site:

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