there’s something about brendan fraser

consider the following:


Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 3D. this movie is due out July 11th 2008. appearantly there is a trailer for it floating around online somewhere, but we can’t be assed looking for it. they guy who directed this? the only other thing he has EVER DIRECTED EVER?! an episode of Xena Warrior Princess. back in 1995.



The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. This is due out August 1st 2008, just three weeks after the above movie. Out goes director of the first two Stephen Sommers, in comes Rob Cohen (Yay!: The Fast And The Furious, Daylight. Oh?: xXx, Dragonheart. Bah: The Skulls, Stealth). And Jet Li. The jury is currently out on this one.

And finally:


Inkheart. This film due out April 30th 2008. That’s less than two months away. And it still doesn’t have a poster. The trailer is available, but looks like something they rushed together to let people know that its coming out. Which it is. Less than two months from now. That, and it sounds alot like that Macauley Culkin cartoon The Pagemaster, and also that flop Monkeybone (cost: $75 million. total box office gross: $6.9 million.) And do you know who was in that film? Brendan Fraser.

also, whenever you think about the movie Crash, and you’re trying to remember everyone who was in it, Brendan Fraser is always the one person you forget. He’s like Idaho when you’re trying to name all 50 states. Could it be because he hasn’t been in anything since Crash in 2004? Or because the only thing people really remember him for is for being a really nice but really dying guy in Scrubs?

Poor Brendan Fraser. He seems like such a nice man.


2 responses to “there’s something about brendan fraser

  1. He DOES seem like a nice man, doesn’t he? The kind of man my mammy would fancy… and maybe we forget about him in Crash because we’re too busy being shocked at Sandra Bullock playing something other than A Really Nice Girl?!

  2. it hasint come out

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