news on the live action version of AKIRA!!!


Long thought to be far too expensive a film to ever truly convert in live action, the epic and milestone-of-cinema Akira now has a producer to bring it to life. And that producer is Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also appearantly lining himself up to play this version’s role of leading character, Kaneda. Also, the role of Akira is set to be filled by Joseph Gordon Levitt (Brick, The Lookout).

On top of this, it is set to be made as two back-to-back movies, with an estimated cost of $200 million each, and DiCaprio has July 2010 as his release date. And even more news, it is set to be directed by the very talented and very Irish, Ruairi Robinson. This certainly marks a big step up in for him, from 2001 short Fifty Percent Grey, and 2006 short The Silent City. Its appearantly this last short, a sci-fi war movie told in 5 minutes, that got the attention of DiCaprio.

So there you have it.


4 responses to “news on the live action version of AKIRA!!!

  1. I think it’s really cool that an Irish director is getting the opportunity to make a big movie and especially just off the back of a short ( Silent City -which was really good but not great plot wise- visually though. Wow!)

    Gives hope for the rest of us.

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  3. These remakes are shit news in my opinion..
    The Americans always do a half-assed job in remaking the original movies.

    Even though you might not be a huge fan of the originals, the expected remake of AKIRA has a totally different setting and different cast.. it doesn’t make any sense, and, frankly, ruins the entire point of the remake.

    The CASSHERN remake is also pointless in the sense that the original is only a few years old, and consists of top-notch digital animation, 3D effects, perfect score of music, and absolutely flawless acting.
    So, what’s the point of the remake? honestly.

  4. fuck art lets kill

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