Bourne 4 confirmed!


Universal executives Marc Shmuger and David Linde announced during their yearly show-off press release the news that there is a fourth Bourne movie in the works. But with Paul Greengrass keeping himself really busy (with They Marched Into The Sunlight due December 2008 and The Green Zone due June 2009), Universal may be looking into getting a replacement director, with the most likely candidate at this point being Brian Helgeland, who hasn’t been in the director’s chair since The Sin Eater in 2003. Also, the current working title for Bourne 4?

The Webb Identity. Just don’t expect to see itthis side of 2010.


One response to “Bourne 4 confirmed!

  1. Hmm this will have a direct impact on my plan for a Bourne-athon later this year. Can I really justify a marathon is the saga isn’t complete?

    Seeing as this is titled CorrectOpinion feel free to correct me on this but would I be right in saying that The Bourne Ultimatum was the last book that Ludlum properly wrote in the series and that the subsequent books were mostly done posthumously?

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