Justice League Of America cast-list


characters (from left to right): the green lantern, the flash, superman, batman, wonder woman, aquaman, the martian manhunter (we know, we’ve never heard of him either).

and the actors playing this characters will be: common, adam brody, d.j. cotrona, armie hammer, megan gale, talan torriero, hugh keays-byrne (we know, we’ve never heard of most of them either).

but now that the strike is over, Justice League Of America is a go, with director George Miller looking for a July 4th 2009 release date. with a cast like that, we wish him the best of luck…..


2 responses to “Justice League Of America cast-list

  1. Just reading anything about this inevitable piece of dogshit movie makes my eyes melt a little everytime(which is why, now, i have a colostomy bag on my face). I’ve seen pics of all these “actors” and, bar megan gale who’s super hot (see wot i did there), i cant imagine a worse looking cast to fit there respective roles than this bunch of clown shoes. Adam brody deserves to spend a horrible, anal rape filled eternity being dragged naked through a plain of broken glass, i hate him, I HATE HIM. Even in Mr. And Mrs. Smith u could tell Brad Pitt wanted to punch him til he died from it. If i saw anyone with a namebadge that had “Armie” on it I’d coil up laughing while he went and killed himself and i’m supposed to believe this dickface is batman? Go fuck yourself Millar. This SHITFEST needs to stop being made pronto. Best case scenario: the whole production goes up in a terrible, yet justified, inferno. Worst case scenario: Nolan gets pissed off and packs in his batman series, Bale follows suit and Miller gets bataranged to death in the street by a mob of angry fans. Actually that last bit wud be awesome as shit. I think i’ve made my feelings clear on the subject. Peace out.

  2. Conqueror P

    So not pleased then?! 😛
    Also you want to say Miller. Millar is Mark Millar who’s a well respected comics writer. I think he actually write a line of JLA books. We like him.

    I for one am not gonna think about this movie till it comes out and see then how I feel. To be fair I hate everything so this may be no different …

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