Are you ready to Step Up….to the third dimension??

With the financial success of Step Up 2 The Streets (Irish release is the 14th of March) in the US a few weeks ago, today’s announcement of a sequel comes as no surprise.

Step Up 2 The Streets poster

What is delightful, though, is that the third installment of the popular franchise is to be in….wait for it…3-freakin’-D!!!

Now, we’ll admit, this does leave the film open for some obvious digs about adding some depth to a shallow plot, enhancing its 2-D cardboard characters, etc. But you won’t catch us making those jokes. No siree.

Just prepare to bask in the majesty of all those buff abs and toned limbs DANCING OUT OF THE SCREEN TOWARDS YOU!! We never thought impressive choreography could get any cooler, but with Step Up 3D, it just might.

We might have made some disparaging remarks before about Hannah Montana: The Best of Both Worlds 3D. But that was different. That “concert film” was about the cynical manipulation of impressionable teens by the studio executives, looking to make a quick buck off the back of some gimmicky technology and radio-friendly songs. This…is clearly completely different.

No word yet on who will be returning. Channing Tatum might make another cameo appearance; although he may not have to if he’s got a proper career by then. Expect lots of generic pretty things to body pop their way across the screen too.

Plus, the soundtrack should be seven shades of awesome.

Just don’t mention Jaws.


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