Gary Busey Is Too Good For You

Here is a short interview of Gary Busey by an ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL……

Now, don’t get us wrong. Mister Busey was very good as the bad guy in Under Siege (back in ’92) and the bad guy in Lethal Weapon (back in ’87), so we’re all too aware of his skills as playing bad guys. But he doesn’t really seem like the method actor type, so why he’s decided to verbally bitch-slap this, again, ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL on national t.v. is beyond comprehension. Especially since in recent years all he’s got to be proud of is Doctor Dolittle 3 (something even Eddie Murphy turned down) and doing some voice work in the Grand Theft Auto games.


2 responses to “Gary Busey Is Too Good For You

  1. His teeth terrify me!! I was anoyed that no-one else on the carpet stepped in and punched Jake, sorry, Gary busey in his scary teeth for talkin to a little girl like that………..until i saw the before footage showing the little girl being a right cunt!

    Just kidding folks!! GARY’S GONA GET-CHA!!

  2. Conqueror P

    That. Was. Amazing!

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