Stop f*cking f*cking

Background info you need to have before reading on:

1) comedienne Sarah Silverman and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel are a couple.
2) a general awareness of popular culture.

That is all.

A few weeks ago, this was shown on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. It was hilarious:

Sarah Silverman is a funny lady. Matt Damon is a good sport (just look how into it he gets!). Combined, they made for some very chucklesome viewing. It made us laugh. Out loud. If only there was some acronym to represent our laughing. Out loud.


Jimmy Kimmel’s revenge was, if possible, funnier:

Not only is Ben Affleck a good sport (his character in Dogma, having asked “Do I come off a little gay?”, gets his answer here!), but Kimmel has done a Bob Geldof on this, getting in a very impressive array of celebs. Brad Pitt! Harrison Ford! McLovin’?!

The downside of such hilarity? The inevitable parodies and knock-offs. We would have expected them from the fanboys over at But the cast and crew on Kevin Smith’s Zack and Mimi Make a Porno obviously had some time to kill last week, so provided us with this dubious pleasure:

We’re sorry Seth Rogen. No offence Elizabeth Banks. But it’s just not that funny. Saying it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan at the end – that was a little funny. Trying to do an almost scene-by-scene re-enactment but with slightly dirtier words is just plain uninspiring. How unlike Kevin Smith to risk appearing as a derivative hack…

Please, please let this be the end. Sarah and Matt Vs Jimmy and Ben – good. Poorly executed, lazy imitations – bad.


One response to “Stop f*cking f*cking

  1. Jimmie Kimmel must be connected up the ass!! That’s all.

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