The On Purpose Husband, surely?


official IMDb synopsis:  Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) is a radio chat-show host who gives out romantic advice to those in need. She is about to marry Richard (Colin Firth), a conventional sort-which is precisely what Emma is drawn to. One day, she advises one of her listeners to dump her bad boyfriend, and so the listener does. The bad boyfriend (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) decides to get revenge by fraudulently mocking up a marriage certificate to Emma, thus putting a spanner in the works for her own impending marriage…..

official CorrectOpinion synopsis: Uma Thurman is a good actress who’s recent spate of bad acting choices will soon end with her career self-implosion. If Colin Firth plays the boring version of Hugh Grant one more time there will be hell to pay. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Who the hell even are you? Besides from the fact that (a) how is it ‘The Accidental Husband‘ when Morgan did it very much on purpose?, and (b) what kind of level of crazy do you need to be to think that the best way to get revenge on someone who told your now ex-girlfriend to dump you, is to marry them? No. No no no. Everything about this is all wrong.


4 responses to “The On Purpose Husband, surely?

  1. Recently Jeffrey Dean Morgan was seen as William in P.S. I Love You, which has made $124 million world-wide since it’s release mid-December of last year.
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Judah Botwin, late husband of Mary-Louise Parker’s Nancy Botwin on the award winning HBO show Weeds.
    He was also Denny Duquette, a recurring character on ABC’s megga-hit Grey’s Anatomy.
    As well, Jeffrey was the John Winchester, father of Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester in The CW network’s Supernatural.
    Jeffrey recently finished work on Watchmen, Zack Snyder’s (300) adaptation of Alan Moore’s award winning graphic novel Watchmen.
    He has also guest starred on many popular TV shows including JAG, Tru Calling, Angel, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, The O.C and Monk.
    Among his 14 previous movie credits are Matthew Leutwyler’s cult classic Dead and Breakfast, and recently released Jam, Live! and Kabluey.

  2. ” What ROCK have you been under the last year?”
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrayed Denny Duquette on Grey’s Anatomy. He was in Weeds as Mary Louise Parker’s characters dead husband(in flashbacks) and he portrayed John Winchester in Supernatural. He has guest-starred in many other tv shows. The Accidental Husband is not his first movie either. Have you heard of the recent movie called ‘PS I Love You’? He was in that also and others previously. He has other movies coming out soon,including ‘ The Watchmen’. I suggest you Google his name ane find out more about this talented actor. He is most definitely someone you should learn more about as an actor.

  3. For all the poor blokes who are gona be dragged to this painful looking vaginafest jsut because u wudnt go see PISS I Love POO (vindictive bitches aint they), i’ve stuck a few good trailers on b4 hand so u’ve got something u can blackmail ur other halves with. Happy guilt tripping fellas, Ur friendly neighbourhood projectionist.

    P.S. Cineworld only, all savoy attendies must die!!

  4. Conqueror P

    Haha, I wasn’t going to bother reading this piece until I saw all the hate mail. I am shocked and/or appalled at your lack of respect for JD Morgan’s talented work in such luminous pieces of artistry as the megga hit “Grey’s Anatomy” (Have we gotten to see any of Dr. Grey’s anatomy yet in the series cause if not I find the title a tad misleading. Also I think guys might be ALOT more interested in watching it. But probably not!) and PS I Love You. Both, redefined entertainment for me.

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