Where The Wild Things Were


Spike Jonze is a man of considerable genius, if his music videos, Being John Malkovitch and Adaptation are anything to go by. And there have been early screenings of his latest movie, Where The Wild Things Are, since November of 2007, which were greeted with some of the best critical reception ever put upon an unfinished movie. And the film was all geared up for a July 2008 release….. but no longer. The producers of the movie felt that it wasn’t commercial enough, with no big name voices (James Gandolfini, Paul Dano, Catherine Keener, Forest Whitaker, Catherine O’Hara) and no one particular set-piece involved, with the film being described as “less of a narrative, more of a blissful state of mind and emotion). Which is the equivalent of fire alarms to any executive in charge of promotions, so the film is set to be re-cast, re-written, and the director replaced, with a new release date set at October 2009. Let us be the first to say that should this overhaul take place, it will be one of the greatest cinematic tragedies.


3 responses to “Where The Wild Things Were

  1. Conqueror P

    Oh for fuck sake. Why are those money grabbin’ bastards ruining some of the films I’m most looking forward to.

  2. So they’re throwing away a great director and a fantastic cast because they’re frightened they can’t compete against Alvin and The Chipmunks? Idiots.


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