If he’s not careful, Will Ferrell could end up being a walking cliche. While his movies have never faced a problem of making money (unless its Stranger Than Fiction), they have of late faced a kamikaze-esque vision of quality. While randomness has been his forte, the recent spate in making comedies of specific sports, be they ice skating (Blades Of Glory), car-racing (Talladega Nights) or kiddies’ soccer (Kicking And Screaming), Ferrell’s latest is something of a new breed. Directed by first-timer Kent Alterman (who was executive producer on both Little Children and A History Of Violence, not exactly laugh-fests), this particular movie seems to have suffered from a particular lack of promotion the world over, almost as if the movie’s producers know that Ferrell is pull enough without having to bother with proper trailers, posters or pre-screenings for film reviewers.

But with opening weekend stats for the States currently residing around the $30 million mark, could they be right? Could Will Ferrell be the first step towards lowering the average U.S. film budget and highering the profit? Generally comedies are alot less to produce than practically any other genre, and Ferrell is already lined up for at least two other comedies in 2008, Step-Brothers with John C. Reilly and Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller (and pretty much every other on-screen comedian you can think of), so Will could end up making comedies in the 00’s what cheap horrors were in the 80’s. This, by the way, is not a good thing.


2 responses to “Semi-Promoted

  1. Conqueror P

    I feel towards Will Ferrell now, how I feel towards Ben Stiller. Just fuck off and give it up. I’m sick of seeing the same ol’ schtick in every movie. Stranger Than Fiction showed that he can actually act so why doesn’t he try that every once in a while.

    To be honest I’m growing tired of modern comedies- those of the Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow stables. Randomness and mild surreality are funny and all but you need some greater substance to make a good movie. There is no comedy that I’ve seen in recent memory that I would go back and watch again. Superbad upon second viewing was a bit rubbish. Walk Hard made me laugh but I know I won’t watch it again. Blades of Glory had moments but I’ll never see it again.

    By contrast I rewatch ‘The Big Lebowski’ over and over again- always finding new gags and little visual treats, ‘Airplane’, ‘Austin Powers’ ‘Kevin Smith’s’ films etc. They all have something more gong on than the obvious gag so that after you stop being impressed with the surprise of the new gag you have something else to look at and laugh at. Modern comedies have become so single layered that once you don’t find the intial joke funny anymore there’s nothing else for you.

  2. is of the same (correct) opinion as us, with their Will Ferrell Movie Generator:

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