The Love Guru Trailer

Mike Myers hasn’t been in anything good since his Austin Powers series, and despite all the rumours of Doctor Evil getting his own franchise, for now we’ll have to settle with Myer’s newest creation. Also starring Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Ben Kingsley and Verne Troyer, it will be the directorial debut of Marco Schnabel, who was second unit director on Meet The Parents/Fockers and Goldmember.

Just how funny you find all of this depends on how funny you think Mike Myers is, and how funny you thought the Julien the Lemur was in Madagascar was, who Myers character sounds scarily like in this trailer. Which the majority of the world may notice was down to Sacha Baron Cohen, and not down to how odd/funny the accent was. Hopefully.


One response to “The Love Guru Trailer

  1. Conqueror P

    Muegugh (I don’t really know how to type the sound I made after watching that but it’s a close enough approximation) I like Mike Myers. I think he’s really funny. I don’t like this trailer.

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