The Hills are alive with the sounds of horror!

This is the kind of abomonation that you couldn’t even dream of making up, even if you wanted to:

Yes, that is Britney Spears and Heidi Montag (the girl everyone loves to hate from The Hills) duetting on this song, appropriately enough entitled “The Hills.” However, in a recent interview, Britney admitted that the song was originally recorded by her and her alone, but was subsequently dropped from her latest album due to its, well, crapness. But that didn’t stop Montag from taking the song, including Britney’s vocals, and re-producing it for her own debut album. All of this without Spears’ knowledge, let alone permission. Fantastic, fantastic stuff there.

Of course, we didn’t think it could possibly get any worse than that, until we discovered this:

“Body Language” by Heidi Montag, with a rap verse by Spencer Pratt.

yes, that is the most hated man on earth since Kevin Federline, rapping, just like Kevin Federline. This has been a good day.


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