Arrested film in Development?

AD line up

One of the most inventive and funny series to hit our TV screens in recent years (FACT), the cancellation of Arrested Development after just 13 episodes in series three came as a massive blow to its many fans. The problem, it appeared, was that despite the intensity of love and appreciation from the fans it had, there just weren’t enough of us tuning in regularly to watch.

Talk of a film version has circulated since then, but most of it appeared to be wishful thinking. In recent weeks, however, there have been some more encouraging rumblings of movement on the AD film front. A month ago, actor Jason Bateman (who plays Michael Bluth in the series) stated that “a round of sniffing has started….and I can speak for the cast when I say our fingers are crossed.”

Early days, loose talk. Nothing could be confirmed until, at the very least, the writers’ strike was resolved.

Today, however, Bateman has added further credence to speculation. He has said that “the ball has started rolling….all the creatives are on board”. It’s the business side of things which has yet to be finalised.

We are choosing to be optimistic about these latest comments. While the cast have always spoken favourably about being involved in a film version, assuming that writer/producer Mitch Hurwitz was on board, it now seems to be more than just idle speculation. Arrested Development’s biggest obstacle has always been convincing the money men that it’s worth their investment. Here’s hoping that impressive DVD sales and the rising film profiles of some of the AD alumni (in particular Bateman himself and Michael Cera) will see this most excellent of TV series reach the big screen.

And if finances are a problem, remember – there’s always money in the banana stand.


3 responses to “Arrested film in Development?

  1. Conqueror P

    Mitch Hurwitz.

  2. Steph Tuite

    I love that show.

  3. Oops! Well spotted. Updated now.
    Mike Horowitz is, of course, Winona Ryder’s father and has created the world’s largest library of drug literature.
    Mitch Hurwitz is writer/producer of Arrested Development.
    Which is a great show that we all love – yay!

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