24. Divided by 24. Multiplied by 2.


For all you 24 fans who don’t think they can cope with the end of the mucho shortened 6th season in 2007 and the re-energized 7th season come January 2009 will be happy to know that there is a 2-hour t.v. movie set for release October 2008.

Season 6 got alot of flack for taking the (already suspension of disbelief buggering) storylines too far beyond the line of reality, with Kiefer’s Jack being brought back from the dead a record breaking amount of times. There had been talk of a cinema-debut for the 24-format, which seems to have been scuppered for now in favour of a Digi-TV release only.

Whether or not they can call the film 24 is as of yet unanswered, and at the very least, debatable. Its one thing to squash the ‘real-time’ show down to 24 seperate 40 minute episodes, but squeezing an entire action packed day into 120 minutes? Even for Mr. Bauer, that seems a bit much.


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