Paris has the upper hand!


There was alot of talk doing the rounds in Hollywood when the above picture was taken of Miss Hilton and her unnamed Buddhist Monk, with Paris announcing to the local papz that “he had really changed my life.”

The papz then went on to discover that the unnamed Buddhist Monk was, in fact, Maxie Santillan Jnr. There he is below, helping fellow Pirates Of The Caribbean cast-mates with a charity function:


On top of that, he’s been in CSI and My Name Is Earl. So how could Paris be so stupid that she could think that she could pass off an actor from a billion dollar movie franchise as a Buddhist Monk? Well, turns out that it wasn’t her idea, or so says USA Today:

And though some accused Hilton of getting Punk’d, the joke’s on them: The entire scene was staged for a new show from Punk’d producer Ashton Kutcher premiering Sunday on E! (10:30 ET/PT). Pop Fiction, an eight-episode series, is a prank show targeting paparazzi and gullible media outlets. It’s made with the eager help of stars, who were the laughing stocks of Kutcher’s former MTV show.

So, stupid press media, the joke’s on you! Only, it doesn’t seem like the joke is very funny. And also, you figured it all out before they got to air it on the t.v. So I’m not sure how to feel about any of this anymore…..

One response to “Paris has the upper hand!

  1. Conqueror P

    Has Ashton Kutcher not been assassinated yet. What’s wrong with the world …

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