The Hills Have Casting Agents

No, this isn’t Brad and George before the PhotoShop assistant sorted them out. This is the kinda thing that the new Jonathan Rhys Meyers/Julianne Moore horror movie Shelter was actively seeking:


Donna Belajac for the Pittsburgh Tribunal ran a story on the casting agent’s announcement in her hometown:

We are looking for:

– Extraordinarily tall or short. Unusual body shapes, even physical abnormalities as long as there is normal mobility. Unusual facial features, especially eyes.

– a 9-12-year-old Caucasian girl with an other-worldly look to her.

– Could be an albino or something along those lines — she’s someone who is visually different and therefore has a closer contact to the gods and to magic. ‘Regular-looking’ children should not attend this open call.

Nice, subtle Hollywood. Always so P.C. when needs be. Thank God they’re the one’s being paid the millions of dollars a year to put together movies like this. Cos truth be told, if it were my job to find people to fill these roles, I dunno, I probably would’ve put the announcement an entirely different way. But then thats just me.

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