New Wanted Trailer!

Out June 27th 2008, this looks like it could be the surprise hit of the summer. Jolie is always good for a bit of sexy fun, McAvoy is slowly making his way into being a more action orientated McGregor, and the director Timur Bekmambetov proved with the Night/Day Watch movies that he has vision and scope to burn.

But there’s still something a bit off about the whole thing. It could be the still dodgy looking special effects. There’s no pointing in having a vision to match Bay or Cameron if you don’t have the budget that they have at their disposal. This is something that Lee Tamahori had to learn the hard way with Along Came A Spider. And Die Another Die. And xXx-2. And Next. Actually, I don’t think he managed to learn this particular lesson. And you know what he’s directing now? Nothing. And you know why? Cos he was put in prison for offering oral sex to a police officer while dressed as a woman.

This is what happens when you put naff effects into your movies. So I hope you’ve learned something here today. Watch yourself, Timor Bekmambetov. Oh, and good luck with Twilight Watch next year!

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