When was the last time Will Ferrell was truly funny?

That was the trailer for Ferrell’s soon-to-be-release comedy, Step-Brothers. At any point while watching that trailer, did you think to yourself “Ohmygod, I’ve got to see this hilarious movie RIGHT NOW!!!”? No? You know why that is? Because it doesn’t look particularly funny. Yes, its nice to see him in a comedy that doesn’t involve some random sport, and yes, its nice to see he’s not solely headlining the comedy, but seriously, it just doesn’t look that funny.

He’s going further and further into the land of man-child acting, which itself going further and further away from the land of funny. But then again, Adam McKay is directing, who was behind Ferrell’s funniest stuff (Anchorman, The Landlord, SNL), so hopefully, I’m very, very wrong about all of this. Come on Will, prove me wrong!


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