Not-so-Righteous Kill

A new teaser trailer has gone online for the de Niro/Pacino pairing, A Righteous Kill.

Don’t be fooled by the use of the Rolling Stones on the soundtrack – this is most definitely not a Scorcese film. As was recently previewed on Correct Opinion, this isn’t exactly putting our excitement levels through the roof. In fact, they’re barely off the ground.

It’s just so hard to see anything special about this. If it weren’t for the presence of two screen icons (not Donnie Wahlberg and 50 Cent…the other two), there’d be little to attract attention. The tone is as sombre as expected, there are lots of guns (de Niro seems to handles at least three different types in the trailer alone), there’s a coffee shop scene with the two lads sitting opposite each other, there’s some stuff in a night club, Pacino looks miserable a lot (probably due to the lack of shouting), there’s an older boss/mentor issuing a warning to the protagonists…the list goes on.

It’s many months before we’ll get to see the finished product, yet this is starting to look like a big waste of everyone’s time. While it doesn’t appear to be the worst film ever made (director Jon Avnet has enough other horrors on his CV for that to be the concern), it just look a bit too cliché-ridden and….glum. Pacino and de Niro really need to start challenging themselves again, and soon, if the later years of their careers are not to be written off completely.

2 responses to “Not-so-Righteous Kill

  1. haha .. well criticized man ….

    but really, if the casts were someone from a tv series that even died in the first few episodes, i don;t think it would make a hit either.

  2. well done, guy

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