First on-set pix of The Wolf Man!


The constantly good in everything he’s ever done there, Benicio Del Toro, looking a little worse for were wear (I’m too funny). Having just wrapped playing Che Guevera for Stephen Soderbergh, the remake of 1941’s The Wolf Man must be something of a mood change. While the cast is top notch (Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving), as is the idea of keeping the story set in Victorian England, with Del Toro coming home from America only to be attacked by an animal during a full moon, the story behind the making of this movie is almost as interesting.

Originally to be directed by modern-day-visual-genius Mark Romanek (cinematically, all he has to his name is creepy 2002 Robin Williams thriller One Hour Photo, but is mucho famous for the music videos he’s done for Johnny Cash, Janet Jackson and David Bowie), he was dropped due to a fall out over the budget, only to be replaced by Joe Johnston (Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Hidalgo, The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park 3, The Pagemaster, Jumanji).


On top of that, modern-day-writing-genius Andrew Kevin Walker (never fully recovered from the bad adaptation of his script for 8MM, but still has Sleepy Hollow and Se7en under his belt) had his appearantly brilliant script re-written by David Self (bit of a mixed bag: The Haunting, Thirteen Days, Road To Perdition)

So, there you have it. All over the place, so it is. Its set for release Valentine’s Day, 2009. How Romanek Romantic. (that one was only slightly less funny……)


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