The Incredible Hulk; Strong but Slooooow.

And there you have it. The first footage of the The Incredible Hulk, the last (major) summer blockbuster cross the finish line of pre-publicity. And from that footage what can we predict? Well, its still nigh on impossible. That was a teaser trailer to the teaser trailer to the first proper trailer, of which we can probably expect three or four. And the movie is out in June! They need to get a move on, pronto!

Edward Norton seems like a good choice to replace Bana, but Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, Unleashed, The Transporter 2) replacing Ang Lee? I know the action crowd thought he was too arty or whatever, but couldn’t they have found someone in the middle ground instead of going for Lee’s polar opposite?? Norton decided to co-write the story himself (his first attempt at screenwriting), but his co-writer Zac Penn is a bit of a mixed bag:

Yay!: X-Men 2

Oh?: Last Action Hero, Fantastic Four, X-Men: The Last Stand

Bah!: Inspector Gadget, Elektra

But on the plus side we’ve got Liv Tyler, William Hurt, Tim Roth (great actor badly cast) as the (super-bad-ass) Abomination, and the possible appearance of one Robert Downey Jnr. making a little appearance as a man dressed as an iron…..

Colour us curious.

One response to “The Incredible Hulk; Strong but Slooooow.

  1. Last Action Hero was enjoyable guff

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