New Wall-E international trailer

Levels of cuteness….too much…..can’t compute…..more than just a robot…..really in love this time….input failure….binary solo….1001110101….tzzzz!

This full length international trailer was posted on Empire Online last month, but had to be taken down. They now, however, have it up for good this time. And it’s wonderful.

The Brazil music is gone, replaced with voice-over and music from The Great Escape. There is more of EVE, his lady robot friend, and their adorable interaction. There are also some outright beautiful shots of the great expanses of space.

A more action-heavy US version is available on Apple trailers; youtube version here:

We can only assume that the marketing folk are a little apprehensive that a completely dialogue-free trailer would be somewhat off-putting to the US audience, with this version displaying some of Pixar’s more conventional stuff – action, gags, gang of misfits working to achieve something. But let’s remember – “conventional” by Pixar is still a delight!

In case our previous preview of this film didn’t make it clear – This. Is. Going. To. Be. Amazing!

Now, wave at Wall-E, wave!

Wall E waving


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