New full length trailer for Speed Racer:

Is it wrong that I have absolutely NO IDEA how I feel about this movie?

Sometimes I look at the movie, and think “I wanna spend the day drinking Coke and eating Skittles and watch this movie with a big sugar buzzed smile on my face because it looks like deep-fried candyfloss for the eyes. Updating crazy 60’s Anime for 00’s with super-fx and a great cast, and Matthew Fox slowly becoming the greatest bad actor of all time? Ican’twait!”

And then sometimes I think “I hate Emile Hirsch. I hate that he’s only 21 and he’s already looking like he’s above all of this. This was supposed to be a Johnny Depp/Alfonso Cuaron collaboration. I don’t trust the Wachowski Brothers. Didn’t one of them get a sex change recently? So does that make them the Wachowski Siblings? Do I really wanna subject myself and any young relatives I might have to someone with a warped mind? Someone who has a mother gasping the words “You take my breath away” to her young son like she’s about to pounce on him? Probably not. Also, Reloaded and Revolutions? Not good. I worry.”

Thankfully, I only have to wait til the 16th of May to find out.


2 responses to “Go!

  1. Isn’t Emile Hersch 23?

  2. This movie fills me with so much apathy that it’s little wonder I don’t stop breathing because I just don’t care.

    It looks like a CG wankathon with a flimsy excuse for story tacked on to it and will make it’s money by preying on the expectations of the people who were fans of the show when they were younger.

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