Hulk smash!

Or…when toys collide.

The first trailer for The Incredible Hulk was aired last night. Finally!

So – worth the wait?

Weeee-eelllll…’s hard to say. The trailer has a pretty linear narrative going on – Banner (Ed Norton) is all angsty, has a chat with Betty (Liv Tyler) – does he use his power or try to lose it?; her dad wants his ass, army attacks, Banner goes on the run, Blonskey (Tim Roth) gets all veiny, turns into the Abomination, Banner gets angry, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, etc. It’s decent stuff, but doesn’t quite have the must-see tingle that its summer rivals Iron Man and The Dark Knight have going on.

New Hulk director Louise Leterrier has promised us more action, although from this trailer the action stakes look no higher than Ang Lee’s version. We can only assume that a more smash-heavy trailer will make itself known at a later date. They probably need to clean up the CGI a bit before showing us any more, as it’s clearly not 100% at this early.

And can we assume that Liv Tyler gets given some dialogue?! At any stage. Even a little ‘hello’ would do. All she gets in the trailer is a sloppy kiss and some trembling lip shots. Who’da thunk it? A Tyler, with prominent lip action? Gasp.

Liv Tyler as Betty Ross

While Norton is reported to have been very happy with this trailer, there have been some rumblings of editing discontent around the film as a whole. Nikki Finke has reported that Marvel and Norton (who is already credited as producer and screenwriter) are clashing over how the film should be cut. Norton was apparently “promised tremendous involvement and access”, and now there are some very heated discussions over how big this access should be.

While we would secretly love to think that this will be resolved using those cool Hulk toy hands:

Hulk toy hands

we realise this is probably wishful thinking, and that this will be settled in a much more grown up way.

Although, right at the end of the trailer, if you look very very closely, you can see a child’s hands moving Hulk and the Abomination towards each other. Smash! Rarr!




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