The Crate Escape – geddit?

What is it with crappy cartoons getting all the sequels? Following the news that Cars and Happy Feet both getting numbers two’s (even though they both are number two’s – zing!), comes the arrival of Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape. Which doesn’t even make any sense, cos they escaped from the crate in the first movie. In the second movie, they escape from Madagascar, and find themselves in mainland Africa, with Ben Stiller’s Alex The Lion finally meeting his family. So, technically, it should be called Madagascar 2: Escape From Madagascar, but thats alot of Madagascar for one title, and is also slightly confusing, so why not just leave it at Madagascar 2?

Don’t get me wrong, the original Madagascar wasn’t the worst animated movie ever. But there are much, much better one’s out there. One’s that have made more money. One’s that have practically crying out for a dose of sequelitis! The world doesn’t need another Shrek or Cars or Happy Feet. It wants another Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo! Give us what we want!


One response to “The Crate Escape – geddit?

  1. Oh Christ. When did Ben Stiller become so terminally unfunny?! I also fuckin’ hate trailers that have the actors in shot telling you about the film.

    You talk about giving us what we want, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a movie all about the penguins. Those guys were the only watchable thing about the first flick.

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