CorrectOpinion Exclusive! First poster for 3Crosses!


Irish cinema is finally moving on. After years in the trenches of crappy “back in the day” country-side flicks, and then everything else having to do with either the IRA or English oppression, it is nice to see that it is finally expanding into new genres. Shrooms and Boy Eats Girl shows we can do horror, Goldfish Memory and I Went Down shows we can do modern comedy, Once with its Oscar nom’s and US box office gross speaks for itself, while the recent In Bruges shows that with a little bit of extra money, we can have classy, well-made movies just as good as our close British cousins and more distant American ones.

3Crosses continues this trend, by tackling several incendiary subjects at once, including but not exclusive to the murder of siblings, illegal bare knuckle boxing and the recent spate of Polish immigrants in Ireland. Even though the film is not stated to specifically set in Ireland, it was shot mostly on location around Dublin, and shows that Irish cinema is now just as willing and capable of getting into the nitty-gritty side of cinema as anyone else.

Starring up-and-coming Emmet J Scanlan in the lead, along with Samantha Mumba, Omero Mumba, Karl Hayden, Natalie (daughter of Uri) Gellar and Keith Duffy, and directed by relative newcomer Jason Figgis, early screenings of the movie have already garnered a lot of positive and reactionary reviews (see poster for more details).

For more of a taster, the following as “An Troid” (or “The Fight”), which is more or less one of the fight scenes from the movie. Enjoy. If you can, that is…..


One response to “CorrectOpinion Exclusive! First poster for 3Crosses!

  1. guess what people. zats my uncle directing this violent mayhem. something to be proud of huh? This is a great scene, however in real life, the guy who got his neck broken could kick Emmet J Scanlan’s Ass. Chew on that cookie.

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