The Prince Of Persia is now Known, and he’s an Unknown


Jerry Bruckheimer is nobody’s fool. Sure, alot of his films are crappola (Bad Company, Kangaroo Jack, Coyote Ugly sequels to name just a very, very few), but there is no disputing when he is good, he is very, very good (Top Gun, Con Air, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Black Hawk Down, Bad Boys to name just a very, very few). Plus, he is business-minded producer bar none (he appearantly made $120 million in 2007 alone!), so whatever he wants, he gets. Whatever he says he wants done, it gets done.

And now here comes Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time, based on one of the best loved and highest selling video-games of all time. As we all now, there has (to date) not been one decent video-game to film adaptation to date. In fact, more often that, they stink to high heavens. But this is the man who made a multi billion dollar franchise out of a DisneyLand ride, so if anyone can do it, its Bruckheimer. And yet……

Originally this was to be directed by Michael Bay, who jumped ship to join Spielberg’s crew and consequently get caught up in the Transformers series, the film is now in the lap of Mike Newell. “Mike Who-ell?” Well, while he did Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire, the most action packed Potter film so far, he is more known for dramas like Donnie Brasco and comedies like Four Weddings And A Funeral. Plus he has tosh like Mona Lisa Smile and the recent abomination of “this was a sure thing, how in the hell did you screw this adaptation up?” Love In The Time Of Cholera on his recent resume.

And on top of that, a poll for Bruckheimers marketing executives was leaked online, with all the potential Princes on it, which included headliners like Channing Tatum, Orlando Bloom, James McAvoy, Zac Efron, Jared Leto, and Cillian Murphy to name but a few. And who have they gone with? Well, appearantly, this person:


David Zandi. Who? Exactly. We’ve never heard of him either. Appearantly he had a small role in Men In Black II, possibly as a background alien in a group scene. We don’t recall him. But thats as far as his acting c.v. goes. Now, once again, Bruckheimer probably knows what he’s doing and far be it from us to question him, and while we thank the high heavens that they didn’t cast that douche Efron in the role, couldn’t they have picked someone….. I dunno, more famous, with more acting experience for such a make-or-break role? Either way, we’re sure it’ll still make loadsa money, even if it does suck. I mean, Bad Boys 2 still managed to make $262 million……


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