Jean-Claude van Damme – back?

A trailer has gone up online for JCVD, a fictionalised version of Jean-Claude van Damme’s life, starring the Muscles from Brussels himself.

This isn’t a sentence I ever thought I’d write, but van Damme’s new film looks….good.

Wow. I feel a little unclean and am having to forcibly restrain my hand from hitting the delete button.

In fairness though, this trailer does appear to contain the following: subtitles, a mock-documentary feel, humour, discernible plot, action, some good music, actual acting. It’s been a while since a van Damme film could claim to possess all of those things. Even the opening studio logo sequence for Gamount is funny.

The story outline follows van Damme in the twilight years of his career. He’s experiencing money problems, has lost custody of his child and all is not going well on the set of his latest film. It’s good to see him so readily poking fun at his overblown, 80s action hero persona and the trappings of fame and celebrity.

No guarantees yet as to the quality of the overall film, but there is enough here to raise a smile and intrigue us.

Okay, so he was in Street Fighter. But come on, so was Kylie, and we don’t still hold that against her…do we?


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