Metal Gear Solid. Outlook; Bleak.


Anyone who has ever played either the sublime Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation or the balls-to-the-walls greatness of Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PlayStation 2 should get ready to start crying right about…… now.

The movie adaptation (which, if done correctly, should cost approx $500 million) is being directed by Kurt Wimmer. As a writer, he’s got a varied scale of quality: The Thomas Crown Affair, Sphere, The Recruit. But as a director, golly gosh is he bad: Equilibrium, Ultraviolet. Remember about 5 years ago when everyone went ker-azzy for him cos he created this thing called ‘Gun Kata’ which was basically karate using guns, which sounds really, really cool?! But then everyone seen it in action, and immediately lost interest.

And, of course alot of it will come down to whoever they get to play the bad ass Snake. And who’s leader of the pack right now? David Wenham, the guy who lost his eye and ultimately narrated 300. Ugh.

Projected release date: July, 2009.


5 responses to “Metal Gear Solid. Outlook; Bleak.

  1. Hmm to me the idea of Wenham as Snake isn’t a terrible choice and am less down on the director choice than you.

  2. I DID cry….

    I still think Eric Bana would be an awesome Solid Snake.

  3. Hugh Jackman is the way to go.

    You didn’t like Equilibrium? I thought it was fantastic – don’t take it in comparison to anything else, just as a stand-alone movie. Christian Bale makes it though, it would be nowhere near as good without.

    Speaking of Bale, he’s my second choice for Snake.

  4. The female half of Correct Opinion totally and utterly agrees with Hugh Jackman. Or Eric Bana. Good looking, six foot-plus Australians in general will always work. Those two in particular, though, can beef up good.

  5. Kurt Wimmer isn’t the official director yet. Don’t trust imdb.

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