New Tropic Thunder Trailer

At the risk of appearing to have a wavering viewpoint about Tropic Thunder, Correct Opinion are happy to report that we are now officially looking forward to this again – yay!

Whereas the teaser trailer we reported on a few weeks ago looked a tad hastily assembled and gave us no actual jokes, this new full length one delivers the goods. It opens with some pretty cool old school music and your typical “shit blows up” war scenes. But then we get to see Robert Downey Jr’s “method” approach to playing an African-American (it involves surgery – so wrong it’s hilariously right), Ben Stiller and Jack Black in laughably pompous form, and Nick Nolte seems to have found new levels of crazy old guy.

The hope/fear is that the full film can sustain a decent jokes-per-minute ratio, but this trailer bodes well. We’re fairly certain at this point that Downey Jr is going to steal every scene and possibly the film itself (after quoting the theme song to The Jeffersons to a “fellow” African American – “just cos it’s the theme song, don’t make it not true”)

Between Tropic Thunder and Iron Man, 2008 is looking like RDJ’s year.

Tropic Thunder


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