Your Move, Creep.


In the middle of all the masturbatory back slapping going on during their show-off slate, many people glanced over some very interesting tidbits during the recent MGM press junket.

On top of setting themselves up alot of incoming monies with heavy hitters like Quantam Of Solace (still hate hate hate that title, it sounds like a Coldplay song) and The Hobbit (go Del Toro, go!), questionable quality but surefire moneymakers like The Pink Panther 2 (Steve Martin continues on that kamikaze dive into pure annoyance), the remakes of Fame (thanks a million, Hairspray) and Death Wish (potential, but most likely, poop), there are the worthy additions, like The Thomas Crown Affair 2 (don’t care what you say, the first one was cool, and Verhoven is a sleazy master, perfect for this film), a film version of The Outer Limits (rumour has it’ll be directed by several “masters of horror”), and last but not least, RoboCop.

The original RoboCop was a product of its era, and is very difficult to see how it could work in this current climate. Except, appearantly, they’re taking a very different tact, and basing it on Frank Miller’s graphic novel version of the story. Which I’ve been informed are super-hella-cool. So perhaps this is not an awful thing.



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